What We Think About Matters

Austin PA

When we’re on the course, our thoughts waver and are dictated for most by the surrounding environment. Smells, situations, stresses from other areas of your life, sounds, outcomes, fears of failing, and more occupy our minds while training and playing.
There lies a great opportunity for growth in skill set by monitoring what we think about. The reason for this is because the conscious mind may only think about one thing at a time. Through the following exercise, our kids were taught the importance of policing where their attention is drawn and being able to redirect obstructive thoughts.
We had the kids list out 20 ideas that come to mind when they train with us or are out on the course.
“I’m tired.”
“I have so much homework to do”
“Is this an uphill or downhill putt?”
“I hit that great!”
“I smell BBQ.”
Then, we asked them to split the words evenly in five different groups. After that, we had them label each group after a golf skill set – for our developmental groups, we used Short Distance Putts, Long Distance Putts, Chipping, Full Swing and Mental Systems. From their four thoughts for each skill set, we had them come up with a cumulative imprint – were the sum of your thoughts good, great or do they need work?

From sharing our work with the group, we were able to laugh and also discuss the power of having a productive mindset while being around the game. This of course translates off the course as well, and lends itself to helping our kids have healthy and helpful thoughts in their everyday lives.