Shawn Humphries

Shawn Humphries begins his 30th season as a professional coach that has carried him across the country and around the world.  As a coach and coaching a team or individuals, I realize the importance of consistency. Not only as a team—but as individuals.   One of the challenging aspects of any sport, your performance is defined at any given time by how you Think, Train, and Reinforce, or all three. How well does the athlete control their thoughts in a stressful situation such as competition, how well has the athlete prepared themselves for competition, and more importantly how does he or she reinforce after the action or task, end of the day, week, month, and year?  How does the athlete talk to themselves, are they beating themselves up, talking about all the things that went wrong or they reinforcing all the things the did well.  These are the three indicators in human performance.  THINK – TRAIN – REINFORCE.

If Athletes want consistent performances they must learn to control their thoughts before, during, and after the action. More importantly, not let the environment dictate how they think.  It’s the defining factor that allows players and teams to experience winning performances.  Beyond Sports Psychology, and based on Winning at the Olympic level. Elite Performance Systems is mastering how you think, train, and perform. If you are a competitor your training must be designed to prepare you for the competition so you don’t over-train and over-try in competition, which is the #1 reason for under performing.

Shawn specializes in developing young athletes & college teams into world class performers. He also consults for the New Orleans Saints.  His performance training has produced over 1,400 individual and team champions. They range from, Junior World, AJGA, NCAA, Canadian, Nationwide, PGA, LPGA, and European Tour winners.  He currently has 25 NCAA Division I Universities licensing his Elite Performance Systems.

He is the Founder  of Elite Performance Systems at Shawn Humphries Golf Performance Youth Academy, Palm Beach, Florida and principal of Shawn Humphries Golf Academies.


His professional students are members of the PGA,, Canadian, and European Challenge tours. His celebrity clients include: Bill Parcells, Mike Zimmer, Sean Payton, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Tony Romo, and Clint Eastwood.