Academy Training

Elite Performance Systems


Over the past 28 years, I have had the opportunity train with and learn from the greatest teachers and coaches  in the NFL and Olympic sports. From these experiences, I built the training system (Elite Performance Systems).  Mastering how you THINK – TRAIN – PERFORM.  What they do at the highest level, we brought down to the ground floor on how the best in the world think, train, and perform.  Elite Performance Systems (EPS) includes a combination of teaching, training and coaching within a team environment. The High Performance Training provides a structured training environment where athletes receive individualized training alongside other evolving students. Students compete, train and leverage one another’s performance, well beyond just their own. The Academy is designed to help the students identify their strengths and build on them while understanding and sharpening areas that need development. We accomplish this by reinforcing that a student’s strengths are his or her own unique talents, first and foremost. We train on three different levels.  First — students train to learn.  Second — students train to compete.  Third — students train to win. This is the Olympic champion’s formula that maximizes Teaching, Training, and Coaching at the highest performance level to achieve winning performances.

While each training day is different, each session encompasses a different aspect of full swing, short game, distance wedges, putting, on-course practices, and the most important element – Mindset Training. During a training day, students have particular stations at which they begin. Objectives are defined and must be reached before moving on to the next training segment. Within each performance segment, students rotate through designed stations specifically based on their individual strengths and areas for development. Students also spend time on the golf course as a complement to the training and coaching regimen. Since the inception of our training academy in (Grapevine, Texas, February 2001) our team members have won more than 1,400 individual titles in local, regional, and national tournaments. 100 percent of our Elite graduating seniors are offered golf scholarships.

Academy Overview

Training is designed to help students build intellectual capacity, tolerance, variability and flexibility for stressful situations like competition. In addition, they are taught how to protect and grow their self image, which leads to making more confident decisions on the golf course. Ultimately, this allows them to think, train, play and compete at a higher level. Our goal is to teach, train, coach and grow the athlete’s skills and self-image, which will improve the probability of enhancing his or her overall performance base, and ultimately accomplishing their individualized goals put forth. Academy training is built on the world class training system (Elite Performance Systems) Shawn founded eighteen years ago.  While the academy trains on the core eight skill principles of the game: Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Distance Wedges, Specialty Shots, Bunker Play, Full Swing. Shawn beaks down the training for each individual student so they can learn to think and train like an Olympic athlete.  Ultimately changing their landscape into WINNING PERFORMANCES.


Shawn Humphries, Director/Founder of SHGP, and his team of coaches oversee the Academy. He is recognized as a GRAA Top 50 Coach and a GOLF MAGAZINE TOP 100 TEACHER IN AMERICA. Shawn has coached touring professionals from the PGA, LPGA, Nationwide, Canadian, Futures, European, Japanese and Asian tours.  He has 25 NCAA Div. I Universities utilizing his Elite Performance Systems.  The Performance Training Academy features year-round training at The First Tee Training Facility of the Palm Beaches. Students may participate in up to three training sessions per week. Training is offered weekdays after school and weekends.  Our Year-Round Training is offered twelve months a year. For more information please contact Shawn Humphries Youth Golf Academy at or 972-793-7255.